New Video Archive

Okay so I put up the Video Archive last week. Today I am loading videos to the archive. Please feel free to check it out and if you have made any videos or would like to add to the archive let me know!


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LDN New Layouts!

Yea! We have new layouts for our main site and image archive. I’ve wanted this for a very long time. Fortunately Flor was able to weave her magic and design us some lovely matching layouts. Please let me know if you find any errors. I will be working behind the scenes to fix them.

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Currently Updating

Alright so “we” staff totally suck lately! Just kidding… Sometimes personal life gets extremely busy. So I’m back to get things rolling again. I’m going through all the news updates since February and will be gradually updating things all evening. Hoping to get the site back in working order VERY soon.

Here is a picture of a very young Leo, I imagine he is thinking “What’s the problem?”


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LDN Icon Contest – Vote Now

Alright now it’s time for everyone to start voting for your favorite icon!!! I want to personally thank AnaAudreyHenriette for submitting icons to the contest! Thank you so much for participating. Please vote as much as you want. Remember you will be helping the winner win a free DVD featuring Leonardo DiCaprio! Simply vote on your favorite Icon out of the selection provided below.

Voting is from 6/16 – 7/1
Results will be Announced 7/2

Rules for Voting:
1. You may vote as many times as you want
2. No negative comments about any of the other icons
3. To vote on one of the icons simply pick your favorite icon and find the number next to it. In a comment put that number in there.
4. Please don’t pick more than one icon in each comment.


01.  02.  03.  04. 
05.  06.  07.  08. 
09.  10.  11.  12. 
13.  14.  15.  16. 
17.  18.  19.  20. 
21.  22.  23.  24. 
25.  26.  27.  28. 
29.  30.  31.  32. 
33.  34.  35.  36. 


LDN Icon Contest

We have reached the deadline for entries being submitted for the contest.  Soon we will have the entries up so that you may vote!!! Come back in the coming days!

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LDN Icon Contest

This is the last day that I will be accepting entries for the Icon Contest. You have until 5pm pst which is about 10 hours left to enter the contest. Voting begins at 12am pst 06/16. So those of you that didn’t get a chance or couldn’t enter the contest feel free to help by voting.

email your entries to

Also I have a few more ideas for the site that I will need some input from you visitors so please keep coming back. We will also host another contest soon that is not graphic related!

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LDN Icon Contest Update

First I would like to thank those that have entered the contest!

Two days until the contest entries deadline! Submit your icons now by emailing them to me! Don’t forget to come by on the 16th of June to start the voting!!!

LDN Icon Contest – June 2011

Entries Received:


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Picture Poll

I have always had a strong disliking to paparazzi pictures. Although I admit I look at them from time to time. This poll is to see if the visitors to this site would like us to start posting paparazzi pictures to the image gallery & updates? This means pictures of Leo when he is not “working”, so pictures when he is going about his normal life.

create free polls | comment on this

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Icon Archive!

Here it is, the first surprise! We have an Icon Archive where you can find many different 100×100 Leo Icons. At the moment, there aren’t many but we do have some. During time, we will be adding more! You can also donate Icons just send them via email to;! We do have some donated icons, thanks to Abbey, which you can find them here!We do have some more “surprises” up our sleeves,just stay tuned! Enjoy! :-)

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Goodbye to One of Our Staff Members

First I’d like to say that I have some absolutely wonderful staff members helping out and keeping the site going. Joey who has been with the site for quite some time now has been an incredible asset to the site and really helped when I couldn’t get to the site right away! Our newest member to the team is Josie and has also been a great asset. She started the twitter account for the site and has been maintaining it and is doing an incredible job! I want to thank both of you for all your efforts in keeping this site going!

Now sadly we have to say goodbye to Joey. She has found a site that she is working for presently that is keeping her pretty busy. I wish her all the best in her future efforts and would like to say that she is welcome back anytime! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the site!

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