Interview with Screenslam

Leonardo DiCaprio sat down with Michael Conte from SCREENSLAM to talk about his new film J.Edgar. View the full interview above.

Check out some great Behind the Scenes videos and clips of J.Edgar via Screenslam’s YOUTUBE page.

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The Leo Strut Song

Do you all remember that photo of “Leo Strutting” on the set of Inception. Well since then, there has been tons of publicity from this photo.Since then, there was even a song made about it! Check out the video above! Let’s do the Leo Strut. ;) Haha!

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Stop Animal Abuse!

This is non-related Leo news, but I feel it should be talked about. Warning may get graphic,Around the news, and social networking sites there are reports that a Girl was throwing puppies into a river. It breaks my heart to see people do this to poor helpless innocent animals, they deserve the same respect that humans do. In conclusion, I felt like I should make a post about this, and if you see animal abuse please report it/try and stop it. You can make a difference for these helpless animals. Stop Animal Abuse now!

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Why do YOU love Leo?

I thought it might be a little fun to get your comments on why you love Leo! I will do a special page just for the comments and emails we get. I will most definitely try to get Leo to see it, but I cannot guarantee it. So just leave your comments, or you can email them to me ( You have until Sunday August 22nd to get them in. I might accept more after that but not a lot. So get them in! I will start…

I love Leo for so many different reasons!My first reason is, he is a brilliant actor! He always chooses the right roles, that surprise us all. Leo can do any type of movie and still have it look amazing. That is why I always loved every single movie he has been in!Another reason I love Leo is because, he helps the environment.I love when celebrities help out the environment and Leo does that on a daily basis whether he tweets it on Twitter, or on his Eco site really love that he has a foundation to help the environment!(The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation).Plus,I don’t see too many celebrities that do the type of stuff Leo does, it really motivates me to want to help the environment more. We love you Leo!

Now, its your turn… :)

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Happy 35th Birthday, Leonardo! wants to wish Leonardo a very happy birthday. We hope he enjoys his special day with a fantastic celebration. He is without a doubt one of the most brilliant actors of this century! Leo, we love you!

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