Golden Globes Nominations!

Earlier today the Golden Globe nominations were announced. I’m happy to inform that Leo’s new project Django Unchained, which is due in theaters Christmas 2012, has been nominated for several awards. One of the nominations is for Leonardo DiCaprio in his supporting role in Django Unchained. I would like to congratulate Leo and everyone that is on the Django Unchained team!


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  1. yay congraglashon to leonardo dicaprio he is the best actor in the world love you you always get it

  2. Having roots in Mississippi, I came guarded to this film. The history of my people strikes a chord within my being but I was astonished of how well this film portrayed it. I always said that if I dislike your character in a film and you are playing a controversial role, you have done your job as an actor. All of the actors performed exceptionally well, but by Mr. Dicaprio… I was taken aback. I have never loved an actor’s role as much as I did him. He brought to light the evil, the humaness, the complexity, and distorted compassion of a white slave owner. Thank you for sharing my history and giving me a glimpse into a horrible yet beautiful past. Your character touched me as did you. Your struggle, and conviction with playing the role so touches my heart, in that you also went beyond yourself to push through yourself, to portray a difficult and horrendous image that all need to see and remember. Thank you, you are in my prayers. May you be blessed for your personal sacrifice.

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