Happy Birthday Leo!

Today is November 11th, and we all know what that means. It’s Leo’s special day! Today, our guy Leo turns 36!  Here at www.leodicaprio.net, we would just like to wish Leo a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day! Also, if you are on Twitter add the hash tag #happybirthdayleo to all of your tweets so we can make it a Worldwide Trending Topic! Follow us on Twitter if your not already!

xoxo Leo DiCaprio Network Staff

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  1. Happy birthday Leo!

  2. Happy birthday Leo. You are all my life. You make me always smile. I love you.

  3. happy birthday leo you is fantastic, the brasil love you

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!!! Please keep in mind that not all of your fangirls love you just for your looks, we love your genius acting. Totally taken aback. I hope you continue to follow your dreams, and all the best! X love, Erandhi de Silva


  6. I want you to be the happiest guy in this world, Leo. I love you. <3

  7. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay!! Lots and lots of birthday wishes from Portugal! :D

  8. Happy Birthday LEO!! We love you!! :D

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