Leo in the March issue of the Esquirer!

Don’t forget to grab the latest issue of the Esquirer which features our handsome looking Leo on the cover, and also has 6 pages full of Leo including a new photo shoot and a very detailed interview.

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6 Responses to “Leo in the March issue of the Esquirer!”

  1. oh so yum! once again your awesome joey!

  2. I know! I totally freaked when I saw the magazine :). Will you buy it? Because I have it, and can scan the articles if you want me to ;). Glad you like the updates.

  3. He looks so freaking hot in this picture i hope i can find that magazine here in my country i want IT

  4. You should see the photo shoot that’s inside the magazine ;). I’ll probably put up the magazine scans if Ashley is okay with that. They’ll be in high quality, so you’ll get them one way or another.

  5. I’m sorry I don’t know when you posted this saw it in the Admin Panel. I absolutely would love the scans added!

  6. Alright, you got them, Ashley :). Just give me a few days to scan them in. Currently collecting material for my Matt Damon Fansite. Decided to go with a paid host instead. I'll definitely upload them to the gallery.

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