LDN Icon Contest

This is the last day that I will be accepting entries for the Icon Contest. You have until 5pm pst which is about 10 hours left to enter the contest. Voting begins at 12am pst 06/16. So those of you that didn’t get a chance or couldn’t enter the contest feel free to help by voting.

email your entries to ashley@leodicaprio.net

Also I have a few more ideas for the site that I will need some input from you visitors so please keep coming back. We will also host another contest soon that is not graphic related!

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Red Riding Hood now on DVD!

As you may have known, Leo was a producer on the film Red Riding Hood which is now on Blu-Ray and DVD! You can check out Red Riding Hood Love Triangle or the official site for more information on the release.

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LDN Icon Contest Update

First I would like to thank those that have entered the contest!

Two days until the contest entries deadline! Submit your icons now by emailing them to me ashley@leodicaprio.net! Don’t forget to come by on the 16th of June to start the voting!!!

LDN Icon Contest – June 2011

Entries Received:


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Picture Poll

I have always had a strong disliking to paparazzi pictures. Although I admit I look at them from time to time. This poll is to see if the visitors to this site would like us to start posting paparazzi pictures to the image gallery & updates? This means pictures of Leo when he is not “working”, so pictures when he is going about his normal life.

create free polls | comment on this

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LDN Icon Entries Hurry!

This is your last week for entries into the contest. Anyone can receive a DVD of Leonardo’s. As long as it is in your region. Just submit your icons!!!! Email your entries to me – ashley@leodicaprio.net.


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New Film: Django Unchained?

According to MonstersandCritics.com Leo is in talks to play the lead villain in Django Unchained directed by Quentin Tarantino. DiCaprio would play the owner of a Mississippi plantation called Candyland. The film is set in the Old South that centers on a slave named Django who ends up teaming with a German bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz to rescue his slave wife from an evil plantation.

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Movie – Screen Captures

I have updated the gallery with screen captures from 3 of Leo’s Films: Catch Me If You Can, Body of Lies and Revolutionary Road.

In the next couple of days you should see more screen captures for The Aviator, Inception, Marvin’s Room, Romeo + Juliet and Shutter Island.

Gallery Links:


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Leo Featured in GQ

The editors of GQ have selected Leonardo DiCaprio as one of their Top 25 Best-Dressed Movie Criminals for his role in Catch Me If You Can.

14. Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio), Catch Me If You Can
It happens from time to time: You see a guy who is somehow able to crush an otherwise tired uniform. It’s tricky, but so is being a con man, like the chameleonic Frank. He pulls it off by taking his undercover costumes to the next level with non-regulation tie bars, tortoiseshell frames, and crisp white pocket squares. Dressed like this, there’s not a thing the guy could say we wouldn’t believe.—M.B.

Check out the GQ Article!

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LDN Icon Contest

Leo DiCaprio Network is hosting their first Icon Contest for June 2011! Here is how it works you submit as many icons as you like. Visitors to the site will vote for the best icon. The winner will receive a DVD featuring Leonardo DiCaprio of their choosing. This contest will last the month of June 2011. For all information and updates go to the contest page!

Icon Contest June 2011

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Armie Hammer talks about J.Edgar kiss

Leo’s co-star Armie Hammer talks about the kiss between their two characters Clyde Tolson and J.Edgar Hoover, in the film J.Edgar. Hammer spoke to Entertainment Tonight Canada and said the scenes have been completed.

“It wasn’t that weird – I have never kissed a guy – it’s not something I’m going to do in my private life, but at the end of it I was, like, man, there is a lot of weird hype”

“You always have a special relationship with someone when you finish a movie with them, but…he’s got a bunch of stuff he is doing after that, I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m doing….we didn’t start a book club together or anything.”

J.Edgar is set to hit theaters on the 14th of December 2011, according to IMDb.

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