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Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Fassbender have discovered that there’s no room for them on the nominations list at this year’s Academy Awards as the yearly event threw up its usual array of surprise candidates and high profile snubs ahead of the final ceremony in Hollywood on February 26, 2012.

Whilst the awards season so far as largely been predictable, with The Artist, Hugo, Meryl Streep and George Clooney among the films and names dominating the nominations and awards over the past few weeks, you might’ve predicted that the biggest show of them all would tip the balance a little

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Leonardo DiCaprio has admitted he’d love to bag an Oscar

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Leo looked so dashing at the Golden Globes! Such a pity he didn’t win Best Actor for J. Edgar though. :(

Added a bunch of HQ pics:

More pics coming later. I’ve been really sick and in bed, so please bear with me. :)

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Leonardo DiCaprio joins honoree Sean Penn for the “Cinema For Peace benefitting J/P Haitian Relief Organization” at the Montage Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 14.

Leo, 37, and Sean, 51, helped mark the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti through the charity dinner.

During tonight’s event, Sean received the Cinema For Peace Honorary Award for his work with the organization.

Both Leo and Sean were joined by Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, George Clooney, Demi Moore and Orlando Bloom at the star studded event.

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Leo seemed pretty comfortable and sharing a few laughs with actress Meryl Streep as they were pictured together several times having a good time on Saturday, January 14. Added 14 HQ pics to the gallery:

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Added 71 HQs from last Friday’s event to the gallery. Leo was pictured chatting with J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood:

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Added 37 new HQs from last Thursday’s event to the gallery in which Leo honored director Martin Scorsese. He took his dad, George, to the awards:

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Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t want to get back on board the Titanic.

The Hollywood hunk is wanted to help promote the 3-D relaunch of James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic blockbuster in which he starred opposite Kate Winslet.

But the actor isn’t so keen.

“Leo is not one for looking back,” says a source close to the actor.

“He’s proud of Titanic but it was 15 years ago.

“He doesn’t relish having to go back and promote that movie all over again