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The actor plans to support various animal conservation issues, but will begin his new role with the “Elephants, Never Forget” campaign.

Leonardo DiCaprio will probably be seen frequently in Hollywood during the 2012 Oscar season, due to his Oscar-buzzed role as J. Edgar Hoover, the controversial FBI founder, in the Warner Bros film J. Edgar.

But the actor/activist has just taken on another high profile role.

It was announced today that DiCaprio is now the global ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Animal Action campaign

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I have added 303 DVD captures of Leo in his film debut Critters 3 to the gallery:

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Thanks to my friend Mariana, we now have a scan from November issue of Total Film:

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Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is to lead a campaign to save elephants and stop the international ivory trade that threatens them, wildlife campaigners have revealed.
The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said its annual Animal Action campaign would focus this year on the continuing threats to elephants, 20 years after the international ban on trading ivory was put in place.

According to IFAW, populations of elephants began to recover after the ban was put into place, but a failure to tackle poaching in recent years has raised the prospect of extinction in several African countries.

In the past century the number of elephants, the world’s largest land animal, has halved.

Source: Scotsman.com News

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Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio was named the biggest earner of 2010. And with lead roles from J. Edgar Hoover to Jay Gatsby, his success does not seem to be slowing down.

Now, according to Deadline, Warner Bros will be tailoring the adaptation of Don Winslow’s bestselling novel, Satori for DiCaprio.

The Titanic dreamboat is slotted to play Nicholai Hel, a Westerner raised in Japan, learning the tricks of the trade from his stepfather, who also happens to be a martial arts expert.

When his stepfather is sentenced to public execution, Hel kills him to protect his honor, which lands him in prison. It is there that a CIA agent discovers him and hires him to kill a political figure.

The thriller has room for sequels and is being angled similarly to the Bourne series.

After playing the dapper Gatsby in the Baz Luhrmann production, DiCaprio will be moving onto Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Source: Huffington Post

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I’ve added one new promotional pic from J. Edgar to the gallery:

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Celebrity activists Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Farrow have paid tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, who died on Sunday.

Maathai won the prestigious honor in 2004 for her campaigns to save Kenyan forests, becoming the first African woman to receive the award.

She had been battling ovarian cancer in recent years and passed away at a hospital in Nairobi, aged 71.

After learning the news, DiCaprio took to his Twitter.com page to tell fans, “A great visionary & environmentalist. She will be missed.”

Farrow adds, “‘Great’ – we use that word so freely, then in the face of true greatness, it feels inadequate. But Wangari Maathai was indeed a great woman.”

America’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement, “The world has lost a powerful force for peace, democracy and women’s rights.

“Her death has left a gaping hole among the ranks of women leaders, but she leaves behind a solid foundation for others to build upon. I was inspired by her story and proud to call her my friend.”

Source: Yahoo! omg! UK

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Added 32 HD screen captures from the J. Edgar trailer to the gallery:

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Tobias Wolff is an acclaimed American author, best known for his memoirs and short stories. His memoir, This Boy’s Life, was made into a movie in 1993 starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Wolff has taught English and Creative Writing at Stanford University since 1997. He spoke at Clara Thompson Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 20th and did a book signing in Olin Library on Wednesday.

Q: What type of author would you classify yourself as?

A: I don’t classify myself. I’ll leave that up to my readers… I’ve written fiction, nonfiction, long form, short stories, novels, memoirs… One form I haven’t done is plays. I think I might try that sometime.

Q: How do you feel about sharing such personal things in your writing?

A: Well, I’m not sharing things that happened to me today or yesterday. I mean, these things are distant, and as we get farther away from events they’re easier to talk about, because we can see them more clearly for one thing, and we can talk about them in a more detached and less emotional way. We can see the patterns of our lives more clearly as they get more distant.

Q: Why do you write the things you write?

A: It’s really hard to explain why I might choose to write a memoir at one point or a short story at another. This is going to sound a little mysterious, but I don’t know why certain things impose themselves on my attention instead of others. I guess I would say that the stories choose me, and not the other way around. I’d assume that it’s the same for a lot of writers.

Q: What is your goal as a writer?

A: When I read something that moves me, that really affects me emotionally and causes me to reflect on something more deeply than before, I feel changed for the better by that, and that would be the kind of effect I would love to have on my readers

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