‘Django Unchained’ Tokyo Premiere

Here are some photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at the Django Unchained premiere in Tokyo on March 2, 2013. Enjoy!

162944458.jpg 162946589.jpg 162946626.jpg 162946643.jpg

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances • 2013 • ‘Django Unchained’ Tokyo Premiere – March 2

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70th Annual Golden Globes

As you know Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for a supporting-actor Golden Globe for his performance in Django Unchained. Unfortunately he did not win but the good news is that he was at the event and here are some pictures of him. I think he looked dashing, handsome and wonderful. What about you? Enjoy!

159433180.jpg 159427993.jpg 159421922.jpg 159422044.jpg

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances • 2013 • Golden Globe Awards – January 13

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Golden Globes Nominations!

Earlier today the Golden Globe nominations were announced. I’m happy to inform that Leo’s new project Django Unchained, which is due in theaters Christmas 2012, has been nominated for several awards. One of the nominations is for Leonardo DiCaprio in his supporting role in Django Unchained. I would like to congratulate Leo and everyone that is on the Django Unchained team!


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Django Unchained – New Trailer

Check out another new trailer of Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Enjoy!

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Django Unchained – Trailer #2

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Wolf of Wall Street – On Set

Here are some photos of Leo DiCaprio on the set of Martin Scorcese’s film Wolf of Wall Street which was recently filming in NYC. Enjoy!

article-0-14B02AB1000005DC-633_634x695.jpg movies_wolf_of_wall_street_1.jpg d32a34aa0d02c877_120827NW1_DICAPRIO_B-GR_06_preview_wm.jpg article-2193517-14B100E0000005DC-51_634x331.jpg

Gallery Link:
Wolf of Wall Street, The • On Set 

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Poll: Leo vs. Daniel Radcliffe

Check out this latest poll, Superficial Summer Madness. They are currently in round 2 & Leonardo DiCaprio has been put up against Daniel Radcliffe. So come participate in the poll and get Leo to the 3rd round!

Vote for Leo

Vote for Everyone

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Jamie Foxx on Leonardo DiCaprio: “He’s an Avenger!”

In a recent interview Jamie Foxx talked about his Django Unchained co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. You can find the interview below.

“Let me tell you something, first of all, he’s 6′ 2,”” Jamie told us before the Comic-Con panel for the Quentin Tarantino-directed film. “He comes in there with all the good looks, you know, he’s on the tabloids with the models and everybody’s thinking, ‘Is he going to be that guy?'”
Jamie continued, “Then he is absolutely his character. It makes you go back to your hotel room and really get yourself together because you know you have to be tight. I think that it was great for him, because I know he shies away from the commercial films. He doesn’t like a commercial film, he wants to be the student.
“There is one scene, I think I can let out of the bag, where he finds us out, who we are, and he’s angry with us and slams his hand on the table every take,” Jamie explained. “Every take is hard. I’m like, ‘Wow.’ And one take, somehow the shot glass slid to where his hand is supposed to be, slams his hand on the table and breaks the shot glass.”
“It goes through his hand. There’s blood. And he’s still going. And I’m like a little girl, I’ve got my hands up,” Jamie recalled, switching into a girly tone. “‘He’s so courageous! He’s an Avenger!‘…People came up, gave him a standing ovation, if that’s any indication of how he is. He was amazing.” 

Django Unchained is in theaters December 25, 2012.

Source: E! Online

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LDN New Layouts!

Yea! We have new layouts for our main site and image archive. I’ve wanted this for a very long time. Fortunately Flor was able to weave her magic and design us some lovely matching layouts. Please let me know if you find any errors. I will be working behind the scenes to fix them.

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Great Gatsby Trailer Caps

Here are some great HD screen captures from the trailer of The Great Gatsby. Enjoy!

greatgatsbytrailer-050.jpg greatgatsbytrailer-021.jpg greatgatsbytrailer-030.jpg greatgatsbytrailer-037.jpg

Gallery Link:
- Trailer Screen Captures (Great Gatsby) 

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