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Tony Award winner Ken Howard will play U.S. Attorney General Harlan F. Stone opposite Leonardo DiCaprio’s J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood’s biopic J. Edgar, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Dustin Lance Black has written the script for the movie, which is scheduled to start filming in February.

The cast for the film will also include Josh Lucas as Charles Lindbergh, Judi Dench as Anne Marie Hoover, Armie Hammer as Clyde Tolson, and Damon Herriman as Bruno Hauptmann.

Howard won a Tony for his performance in Child’s Play. His other Broadway credits include Promises, Promises, 1776, The Norman Conquests and Rumors.

In addition to the film version of 1776, he has appeared in such movies as The Net and At First Sight. He is also scheduled to guest star later this season on NBC’s hit series 30 Rock.

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Unfortunately Leo was snubbed (again) by the Academy, but Inception has earned the following nominations:


– Best Film
– Director
– Original Screenplay
– Original Music
– Cinematography
– Editing
– Production Design
– Sound
– Special Visual Effects


– Best Picture
– Art Direction
– Cinematography
– Music (Original Score)
– Sound Editing
– Sound Mixing
– Visual Effects
– Writing (Original Screenplay)

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Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar Hoover biopic, aptly titled J. Edgar, is shaping up quite nicely. Featuring an impressive cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Armie Hammer, Judi Dench and others, the film looks very promising. Now we have a new cast member announced. Josh Lucas has joined the cast and will be taking on the role of Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh was the subject of an FBI investigation during Hoover’s time at the bureau.

Written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk), J. Edgar screams Oscar. With Eastwood behind the camera, and DiCaprio taking on the lead role, expect nothing less than perfection from this one.

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The King’s Speech, in which Colin Firth plays the stammering King George VI, won 14 BAFTA nominations today, ahead of ballet drama Black Swan which garnered 12.

Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was the next most popular movie at Britain’s top film honors with nine nominations, ahead of climbing story 127 Hours and Western remake True Grit with eight apiece.

The Social Network, one of the films most widely tipped for Oscars glory this year, won six nominations.

The BAFTAs are followed closely as the awards season gets into full swing, although they have only a patchy record in identifying future Oscar winners.

Firth, who recently won a Golden Globe, was shortlisted for a BAFTA best actor prize.

His co-stars in The King’s Speech

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At several points during Sunday’s broadcast of the Golden Globes, I found myself questioning reality.

I pinched myself several times. I looked for a special keepsake only I knew about. I looked for any signs this reality was questionable.

How could it not be? Inception, one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, had failed to win anything all night.


Instead, the ceremony was dominated by The Social Network, a movie about a website we all spend too much time on.

Maybe that’s a little harsh.

The Social Network is a fine film. It exposes the world that helped create the social experience for 500 million users.

But it wasn’t a film that stuck with me. It was effective at keeping me interested, even when all they were doing was typing at keyboards.

But it didn’t make me think.

Inception forced us to think about what was going on. If you stopped paying attention for even a few seconds, you’d probably be lost.

Most importantly

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When Inception was released back on July 16th, the strikingly original film shook up a summer marketplace filled with derivative sequels and unfortunate remakes that had critics decrying the creative barrenness of studio films. Which is why writer-director Nolan garnered respect from Hollywood for using his clout from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to film his own long, gestating spec script from an idea that had rattled around in his head for a decade. Inception is a movie with many layers and a dense plot, allowing Nolan to ride a familiar genre but then arrive at a new place. Sure, the box office was well-trod turf for him: $825 million worldwide. But, first, he had to imagine himself in the dream world of Inception before he took audiences there.

DEADLINE: How was writing Inception different for you?
NOLAN: What I try to do is write from the inside out. I really try to jump into the world of the film and the characters, try to imagine myself in that world rather than imagining it as a film I’m watching onscreen. Sometimes, that means I’m discovering things the way the audience will, with character and story. Other times, you’re plotting it out with diagrams and taking a very objective view. Writing, for me, is a combination of both. You take an objective approach at times to get you through things, and you take a subjective approach at other times, and that allows you to find an emotional experience for the audience. This was one of those projects that burned inside me for a long time, but I wouldn’t say in a completely unique way. I made a film earlier called The Prestige. For four or five years, that burned inside me. It was something I really wanted to crack with my brother Jonah, and eventually we did it. I certainly have other ideas I’ve not been able to crack that I see great potential in, sitting in the back of a drawer. You never quite know what you’re going to come back to and figure out how to make it work. You never quite know where that desire to finish something, or return to something in a fresh way, is going to come from. Every time I finished a film and went back and looked at it, I had changed as a person. The script was different to me. And, eventually, who I was as a writer, as a filmmaker, and what the script needed to be, all these things coincided.

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The movie about the making of Facebook is deemed the best overall picture while the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio is honored for its visual effects and cinematography.

The winners of the 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards have been fully unveiled at the Friday, January 14 ceremony. Although Inception was the movie which walked away with the most nods, it was The Social Network which claimed the coveted prize.

The movie starring Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg won the Best Picture category which was populated by Inception as well. The pic also took three other trophies in the categories Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Score for the title track made by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

In the meantime, Inception went home with five wins including Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. Triumphant in the supporting acting categories are The Fighter actor and actress Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. For the leading actor and actress, Colin Firth from The King’s Speech and Natalie Portman from Black Swan came out victorious.

Portman’s trophy was the only one for Black Swan. It headed into the ceremony with a record 12 nominations but lost eleven of them.

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Ed Westwick is set to play a supporting role in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The British actor

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Added 3 HQs from a photoshoot Leo and other members of the cast did for Inception:

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Baz Luhrmann said that he has “workshopped” his upcoming film The Great Gatsby in 3D, though he has not made a final decision about whether to shoot the Carey Mulligan/Leonardo DiCaprio project that way or not. The director made the remark in Las Vegas over the weekend, where he sat on the “Technology in Hollywood: The Director’s Vision” panel with Oliver Stone. Stone cautioned against the decision: “Don’t shoot a 3D movie unless you can afford it, otherwise you are putting yourself under enormous pressure,” he said. On one hand, nothing seems less indicative of 1920s, old-world glamor than a 3D movie. On the other, uh, Fitzgerald liked opulence, and it might look cool?

Source: Vulture