Stalkerazzi/Paparazzi Images?

Alright here is the question I pose – I don’t want to put up any pictures in our gallery or on our site of Leo in his personal life. For instance a picture of Leo with his girlfriend lounging on the beach. I mean who’s business is that but Leo and his company?

Now what do you think about pictures on set filming? Or like this one taken Dec 4th at a Lakers game? Please let me know what you think!


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4 Responses to “Stalkerazzi/Paparazzi Images?”

  1. I think Leo is a very private person, so I agree that paparazzi photos of him in private life shouldn’t be posted. Like when he hangs out with his beloved ones. It’s a different story if he is on a film set because it is public and he is there to work. He knows that he will attract people. So I’d say film set photos are more than okay but like the one you posted above I’m not quite sure. However, if you don’t like the photos of Leo at the film set I posted, please feel free to erase them any time.

  2. Yes I agree. I don’t see any problem with the images from Leo on the set. I looked them over and it’s not like there are any pictures of him having coffee in private. Looks good to me!

  3. Regarding that photo specifically, Laker games are huge public media events so those shouldn’t be paparazzi shots. I think if the celebrity knows there are professional photographers who have a legitimate reason to be there, it’s not a paparazzi shot. If he’s walking down the street on a regular day and a photographer’s there just for the sake of taking a picture, then that’s stalkerazzi.

  4. I agree with Anne. :)

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