Academy Awards

Here are some photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at the Academy Awards on March 2, 2014. We also have over 100 HQ photos donated by KaciElizabeth. Enjoy!

476215417.jpg 476231197.jpg 476280523.jpg 476302151.jpg

academyawards2014-044.jpg academyawards2014-059.jpg academyawards2014-084.jpg academyawards2014-100.jpg

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New Photo Shoot

Here is a new photo shoot donated to me by the lovely KaciElizabeth. Enjoy!

470402039.jpg 470402107.jpg 470402111.jpg 470402129.jpg

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Publicity • Photoshoots • Session 64

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Django Unchained (2012) Screen Captures

Here are the BluRay screen captures of Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained (2012). Enjoy!

djangounchainedbr-0006.jpg djangounchainedbr-0324.jpg djangounchainedbr-0643.jpg djangounchainedbr-0970.jpg

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Golden Globes 2014

First and foremost a very warm CONGRATULATIONS to Leonardo DiCaprio for his Golden Globe win for The Wolf of Wall Street! Now onto the photos. Please enjoy the first batch of photos!

goldenglobes-010.jpg goldenglobes-036.jpg goldenglobes-052.jpg goldenglobes-084.jpg

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Public Appearances • 2014 • Golden Globe Awards – January 12

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Leo and Martin Scorsese To Receive Santa Barbara’s Vanguard Honor

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio will receive the Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s Cinema Vanguard Award on Feb. 6 at the Arlington Theatre.

The two will be celebrated for their collaboration on five films, but the announcement from the festival singled out “The Wolf of Wall Street,” saying the Paramount release “has taken their fearless and uncompromising work together to an even deeper level.”

In the statement, SBIFF executive director Roger Durling said, “Scorsese and DiCaprio’s partnership has become a legendary cinematic pas de deux recalling other great collaborations like John Ford and John Wayne, Fellini and Mastroianni, John Huston and Bogart – and even Scorsese and De Niro.”

The fest runs Jan. 30-Feb. 9, screening more than 200 films. It has become a key stop on the awards circuit, due to timing.

DiCaprio and Scorsese previously collaborated on “Gangs of New York,” “The Aviator,” “The Departed” and “Shutter Island.”

The Cinema Vanguard Award “was created in recognition of those who have forged his/her own path, taking artistic risks and making a significant and unique contribution to film.” Past recipients include Amy Adams, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo, Nicole Kidman, Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Stanley Tucci, Christoph Waltz, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling.

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TAG Heuer Boutique Opening in Paris

Here are photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at a TAG Heuer Boutique Opening in Paris, France on November 6th. Enjoy!

187094825.jpg 187159916.jpg 187169661.jpg 187165570.jpg

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LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala

Here are photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at the LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala on November 2, 2013. Enjoy!

186675194.jpg 186675243.jpg 186675863.jpg 186681081.jpg

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Public Appearances • 2013 • LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala – November 2

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Gucci Presents the Restoration of ‘Rebel Without a Cause’

Here are photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at Gucci Presents the Restoration of Rebel Without A Cause on November 1, 2013. Enjoy!

186597045.jpg 186597195.jpg 186597201.jpg 186597190.jpg

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Public Appearances • 2013 • Gucci Presents the Restoration Premiere of ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ – November 1


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Giorgio Armani One Night Only

Here are photos of Leonardo DiCaprio at Giorgio Armani One Night Only on October 24, 2013. Enjoy!

185770641.jpg 185773008.jpg 185789488.jpg 185786331.jpg

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Public Appearances • 2013 • Giorgio Armani One Night Only – October 24

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New York Magazine’s Fall Issue



Leonardo DiCaprio is featured on New York Magazine’s Fall Preview issue. In the magazine DiCaprio talked all about the making of The Wolf of Wall Street, here is what he had to say:

On making Wolf of Wall Street with Martin Scorsese: “I told Marty, ‘I don’t think we’ll be able to do a movie like this too many times in the future. Larger-scale, R-rated dramas, like Blood Diamond or The Departed, don’t really get financed anymore.”
On his real-life character Jordan Belfort: “There was nothing Jordan wouldn’t divulge, no matter how intimate or embarrassing. That was the attraction for Marty as well—it’s the kind of brutal honesty that got Marty into making movies like Mean Streets.”
On researching the role: “I wanted a close relationship with him so that I could weave intimate details into the movie, things that weren’t in the book. I was kind of the middleman between him and Marty, and I would bring pages of notes from my meetings with Jordan—things like this insane orgy on a 747 going to Vegas, chimpanzees in diapers that would skate through the Stratton offices, very intimate stuff about his relationships with women—and Marty was game to try everything. His approach was essentially to put everything onscreen and see what we responded to. It was old-school, really independent filmmaking on a larger scale.”

The fall issue of New York Magazine is on newsstands now.
Thank’s to JustJared for the photo.

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